Monday, September 13, 2010

Night of September 12th

There is a lot to recall, but I will do my best.

There is a point where I run into an old friend, Ryan Viti. For some reason I needed to take a shower and he suggested I use his house. I hop through the neighborhood, the neighborhood I crew up in, right around the corner from my old best friends house. I did hop; like I was on the moon. Bounce after bounce from the tip of my toes pushing my higher into the sky. I arrived at the house, took a few seconds to glance at my calves in the glass front door. I have to say they were in pretty good shape from all the defying gravity that was going on. I enter the house, door was unlocked, take a look around, check a few things out, and get naked. I put a towel on and all of the sudden, I can't find the shower. It is about now I notice, "Fuck, Im in the wrong house". Somehow it was the house of Danielle Wyker, which has a pretty kick ass shower in real life, but this dream house had none. I then notice the alarm I passed on the way in, is just a silent alarm for the police. I hear sirens in the distance, I grab something and run outside; still in a towel. Tons of cops pull up, but it turns out they are chasing a guy in a red convertible mustang. I really don't know, I didn't stop and ask. I start to moon bounce away when the real cops show up for the house. They wouldn't dare question a guy in a towel moon bouncing.

I find out the thing I took was a pair of red rosary beads. I had to to return them, so I went back. The cops were gone and there was just a white van out front. I know the van is spying for the cops so I peak inside and sure enough, full of undercover cops. I waited until they didn't see me and I put the bead in the mailbox and high tail it out of there.

Blurry spot

Later on in another dream Danielle is now Kristen of Laguna Beach/ The Hills and I apologize for taking her beads. The rest in blurry

Blurry Spot

Gun battle scene

Blurry Spot

Wake up.

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