Monday, September 13, 2010

Night of September 12th

There is a lot to recall, but I will do my best.

There is a point where I run into an old friend, Ryan Viti. For some reason I needed to take a shower and he suggested I use his house. I hop through the neighborhood, the neighborhood I crew up in, right around the corner from my old best friends house. I did hop; like I was on the moon. Bounce after bounce from the tip of my toes pushing my higher into the sky. I arrived at the house, took a few seconds to glance at my calves in the glass front door. I have to say they were in pretty good shape from all the defying gravity that was going on. I enter the house, door was unlocked, take a look around, check a few things out, and get naked. I put a towel on and all of the sudden, I can't find the shower. It is about now I notice, "Fuck, Im in the wrong house". Somehow it was the house of Danielle Wyker, which has a pretty kick ass shower in real life, but this dream house had none. I then notice the alarm I passed on the way in, is just a silent alarm for the police. I hear sirens in the distance, I grab something and run outside; still in a towel. Tons of cops pull up, but it turns out they are chasing a guy in a red convertible mustang. I really don't know, I didn't stop and ask. I start to moon bounce away when the real cops show up for the house. They wouldn't dare question a guy in a towel moon bouncing.

I find out the thing I took was a pair of red rosary beads. I had to to return them, so I went back. The cops were gone and there was just a white van out front. I know the van is spying for the cops so I peak inside and sure enough, full of undercover cops. I waited until they didn't see me and I put the bead in the mailbox and high tail it out of there.

Blurry spot

Later on in another dream Danielle is now Kristen of Laguna Beach/ The Hills and I apologize for taking her beads. The rest in blurry

Blurry Spot

Gun battle scene

Blurry Spot

Wake up.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 10th 2010

Dream One:

Some friends and I appeared on this scary looking farm at night it seemed. The farmer said we had let out three of the chickens and need to catch them before the wolves found them. The group of friends I was with couldn't figure out how to open the gate so we could get out and start looking. Somehow I opened the gate by finding a latch and reaching over the side.

Dream Two:

I was what seemed to be a waiter on some kind of cruise ship. I remember these two guys needed a tables and I was not waiting on them. So I sat them at an empty table. This restruant was in a giant open ballroom it seemed like but the colors were black tables and greenish, almost teal walls. After I sat them I told them to hold on and searched all over the boat for their waitress. They as if they can smoke in here, I had no idea. I found her giving a seminar to a completely random group of people in a house. While I was at the house I was standing outside talking to people and a possum appeared. Everyone said it was a monkey and was so stoked but it was clearly a possum walking on its hind legs. I arrive back at the table and told them they can smoke and that the waitress will be with you soon. They ask for me to get their drinks but I told them no. Someone else ends uo getting them tequila shots and coronas.

Dream Three:

I just started on a cargo ship helping unload cargo. You know, from those giant red, blue, and tarnished metal containers they lift with cranes. I was on the deck while the cranes were taking stuff up. I remember a lot of times riding the elevators on the ship. ONe specific moments I remember is when I got off the ship. Now I recall I was some kind of navy rank. One silver bar was on my collar, but I was called something like genesis. I got off the ship and was at the dock, walked up to the guy in charge of all the offloading. His name was richard, slicked back hair scruffy beard. He needed my ID someone was telling him about how good I was at my job and how I was just promoted, Rank wise. He asked for my Id again but I didn't have it on me, I said I would get it but he pulled it up on the computer. It was my JU ID. He handed me a slip of paper and asked if I would ever want a job with them. On the paper it listed some jobs with some pictures. At the bottom there was this drawn sports car, almost like a tron motorcycle and said "video games". I told him I keep him in mind, forgot his name and he told me again. I said thank you richard and left. Loaded some cargo on the bottom of this ship and figured out this puzzle of the elevators, closing some to male room,to get it loaded back up. Climbed a ladder to the top on the deck and loaded the cargo.